Three Ways You Can Catch Obesity from Friends

Would you end a friendship because you were afraid of getting fat? That may sound like a silly question, but research shows there are at least three ways to catch obesity from your friends. Now, we aren’t suggesting you cut ties with all your heavy-set friends, but it is important to know what puts you at […]

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10 Good Reasons to Drink This Holiday Season

Let’s face it. This has been a rough year. A lot of us don’t feel all that merry (or bright) this holiday season. Well here’s something that’ll twinkle your tinsel and bounce your ornaments. Drinking is good for you! And I’m not just talking about red wine. Here are 10 reasons to put the good cheer […]

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Why High Heels Are Good For Your Sex Life

Women have long known about the impact high heels can have on sex appeal. Stilettos make them look taller, boost the confidence, and, yes, tend to be more effective at attracting men than a ratty pair of Birkenstocks. But now we have proof that those to-die-for-shoes are actually good for a woman’s sex life, The Daily […]

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Free Sex Changes at Goldman Sachs

Does Amanda Lepore Have a Future at Goldman Sachs? You know the bankers and traders at Goldman Sachs make big bucks, but now they can also score an extra little bonus: sex-change operations! Fortune is reporting that the financial company added the perk to employees’ health insurance plans last year. The gender reassignment surgery, which ranges from […]

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The World’s Most Bizarre Birth Defects

Anyone who watches the Discovery Health channel knows that nature likes to throw us a lot of genetic curveballs: Siamese twins, extra appendages, chimeras, hermaphrodites…you name it. But you haven’t seen anything yet. The people in this article have some of the most startling, unimaginable birth defects the world has ever seen. Suddenly that annoying […]

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