Famous Breasts in History

Natalie Portman Portrays Anne Boleyn Although many would argue that we have lived in a patriarchal society since the age of cavepersons, there is no doubt that female breasts have played – and continue to play – a pivotal role in society. Why they’re just so versatile! Breasts are cultural and fashion icons, they’ve launched social […]

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The Weirdest Things People Stick Inside Their Bodies

Razor blades, ping-pong balls, cigarettes – certain ladies in Thailand are adept at flamboyant performances with various objects and their private parts. But of course, they are PROFESSIONALS, people. Off the stage, rookies all over the world manage to get a variety of things stuck up, on, or in their yin-yangs. Here are some of the […]

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When Celebrity Plastic Surgery Backfires: 10 Nip/Tucked Celebs Who Now Look Like Aliens

If you’re going to make it in Hollywood, a little nip/tuck here and there is par for the course. Just be sure your plastic surgeon knows what he or she is doing, because for every Ashlee Simpson success story there’s a badly botched Tara Reid lurking under some bandages. Good plastic surgery takes the years off “naturally”; bad plastic […]

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Are you a body with a mind or a mind with a body?

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