Japanese Cookie Claims to Enlarge Breasts

Can F-Cup Cookies Give You Bigger Breasts?

Can F-Cup Cookies Give You Bigger Breasts?

Can a cookie a day keep the training bra away? According to the Japanese company that makes F-Cup Cookies—cookies designed to enlarge boobs—the answer is “hai” (that’d be yes).

According to the F-Cup Cookie site, “Each F-cup Cookie contains 50mg of the herbal breast enhancer Pueraria Mirifica. Pueraria Mirifica is the same safe and effective, natural breast-enhancing ingredient found in B2UP Body Make Gum (Bust Up Gum). As the name implies, F-cup Cookies will help you achieve larger breasts while you relax and enjoy a tasty, low-calorie cookie. (An F cup size in Japan is like a DD cup size in the U.S.).”

Curious to try it? Choose from two flavors—Soy Milk (Plain) or Pralines and Chocolate—and give it a go. The company recommends eating one to two cookies a day with plenty of water; just be sure to note the warning that eating excessive amounts of cookies can lead to loose bowels.

Surely a bigger bra size is worth a case of the runs and $26.95 plus shipping? If it works, that is.